Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too late I finally see.

Maybe I was too young (or... not even around) for "Happy Days" during its heyday and maybe I didn't have any interest when Nick at Nite picked it up on reruns, but I can appreciate nostalgia.

And in Milwaukee, nostalgia for it runs pretty rampant. People want to know where Leon's Frozen Custard is and what the connection is. Morrissey namechecked the show and "Laverne in Shirley" during his Milwaukee stop in 2004. It's about as synonymous with the city as Miller beers or racing sausages.

But doesn't anybody find it funny how crazy it is that it's all related to a FICTIONAL goddamned TV show? I mean, I've read articles about the tourists that flock to the original Brady Bunch home and I'm sure there are Seinfeld themed tours throughout New York, but do they have statues of Mike Brady in California? Of Cosmo Kramer in New York?

Well they have a statue of the Fonz in Milwaukee now.

Hey, as far as tourism goes and everything else, bada bing. I'm sure I'll stop and laugh at the thing next time I'm in the city. But aren't statues supposed to be of relatively important historical figures, particularly pertinent to the area upon which their statue is located? The fact that the show was shot in Los Angeles and Henry Winkler is from Manhattan doesn't bother anyone around here?

Well, c'est la vie.

Ayyyy... etc. etc.

God knows the Brett Favre statues might not come as soon as we all thought (and thank God for that).

Rod Stewart - What's Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made a Loser Out of Me)
Alright, alright... it's about booze, I know, but it seems a propos. And I also know it's Rod Stewart and not Jerry Lee Lewis, but I actually prefer Rod's version. Plus this is the time when he was splitting duties with the Faces, so it's still that era when it was acceptable to like him. This ended up as B-side to the "Angel" single, but it can now be found on any amount of compilations, including Reason to Believe: The Complete Mercury Studio Recordings.



Blogger Cynthia said...

What's more ridiculous? A statue of a fictional man who only a fraction of the population (if that) immediately associates with "Milwaukee," or the notion (as presented in "Happy Days") that an Asian man would own his own restaurant in 1950s Milwaukee, WI? All I'm saying is, ridiculous is as ridiculous does. Thanks, Forrest Gump's mom!

3:55 PM  
Blogger whiteray said...

Well, in downtown Minneapolis, there's a statue of Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore's character) throwing her hat in the air! TV is more real than reality these days.

9:49 PM  

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