Monday, August 11, 2008

My moon's a naked, cold star.

The Get You Goin' Track

I just received an advance of the new Stills album, Oceans Will Rise, due out later this month. I've only listened to it once, and it sounds good -- seems like Tim Fletcher's taken back a bit of the songwriting helm, which was relinquished to Dave Hamelin big time on their last outing, Without Feathers. A lot of fans got a bug up their collective butt about Without Feathers, figuratively crying "Judas!" as the Canucks traded in the loud, expansive sound of Logic Will Break Your Heart for a bit more of a retro feel (even though I still don't know where the original Joy Division comparisons for Logic came from...). I quite liked Without Feathers and will fight tooth and nail for it and most of Hamelin's songs on it, but Fletcher's two main contributions to the record, "Halo the Harpoons" and this incessant little builder, were without a doubt the record's best moments. The Stills are touring the US over the coming weeks, so if they swing by your locale, check 'em out. They're great live, and this song is pretty badass in concert, too.

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