Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Did I leave your mind when I was gone?

Today I have a pretty cool find for you.

British soulster Carleen Anderson has found her way onto many of Paul Weller's records, perhaps most notably as the second lead vocal on "Wings of Speed," the ethereal track that closed the landmark 1995 Stanley Road album, but you'll find her voice peppered over many of the man's solo recordings, so it's kind of fitting that the Modfather would eventually return the favor.

Weller lent his voice to a fantastic duet of "Wanna Be Where You Are," a great old soul cut made most famous by a very young Michael Jackson on his Got To Be There album. The cut was pulled as a single in the UK, but it never got much play and even though it slid onto Anderson's 2006 album Soul Providence, the relative obscurity of that album too meant that even though this track is but two years old, it's already something of a rare commodity.

Carleen Anderson (feat. Paul Weller) - Wanna Be Where You Are
First off, let's not kid ourselves -- the track doesn't come anywhere near the energy or spirit of Jacko's take on it back in 1972, but the modern soul groove is nice touch, and Weller's voice still blends quite nicely with Anderson's. I kind of wish they'd at least kept the tempo of the Michael Jackson version, I think it loses something in being slowed down to a more sultry pace. But for what it loses, it also gains bucketloads of maturity.

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